NEXT STEP is a Startup Ecosystem supporting all of Azerbaijan and anyone who wants to connect to the Azeri community. We teach best practices to early stage entrepreneurs that have a global vision and are looking to engage and grow together with partners and customers worldwide. Education and Mentorship is at the foundation of our philosophy. We support companies at both the Incubation and Acceleration steps. The Incubation program supports companies from conception up through development of a workable demo (A Minimum Viable Product). The Accelerator Program takes companies from their initial revenue through growth stages and global expansion. We provide funding to companies that graduate from either the Incubation or Acceleration Program. For Hardware startups, we may provide a stipend to help build product. NEXT STEP Innovation Center is open to all citizens of our country. If you have original ideas and significant achievements, you are ready to present your products in the global market we will support you and help in the implementation of your projects.

Rashad Eyvazov 

Director of NEXT STEP Innovation Center. He graduated applied Physics BA at BSU. Before he worked as a IT manager banking area,he also has experience as an entrepreneur.


February 27, 2020

Objectives and Strategic Planning for Business Incubation

In both developed and developing economies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are considered crucial to fostering economic and social development and their growth is supported with […]
February 20, 2020

The opening ceremony of the Azerbaijani House of Innovations and the first forum of the Tech Diaspora took place in the United States

On February 20, 2020, the opening ceremony of the Innovation House of Azerbaijan was held in Silicon Valley of the United States of America (USA). Azerbaijan […]
February 18, 2020

What is an Incubation center?

Incubation is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people, designed to nurture and grow new and small businesses by supporting […]


Professor Naeem Zafar

CEO of Bitzer Mobile

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Expert in the fields of Entrepreneurship